5 Most Controversial Positive Thinking Tips

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Top 5 Controversial Positive Thinking Tips

So you’ve searched the internet until you are blue in the face, your mouse pad has a hole worn through it and your clicking finger is just a bloody stump, but you still can’t find those elusive positive thinking tips that will change your life.

Have no fear; now that you are reading this, your search is over.

And given the general consensus of positive thinking ideas that you can find online, the ones you have  found here are probably different. OK, that’s an understatement; they are definitely different and in fact may very well go against much that you have learned about positive thinking in the past.

Positive Thinking Tips List


Positive Thinking Tip 1: Stop worrying, all your thoughts are already positive because the Universe is only a positive place.

The only real force in the world is love. The idea of duality, that there are evil forces fighting against the good forces, is a misunderstanding of the nature of causality.

Can’t Do This

In effect this means you cannot think a negative thought.

You can think thoughts that make you feel bad or that bring undesired consequences into your life but these are not negative thoughts. They are in fact positive thoughts; here’s why.

When you think a certain way, certain things tend to happen in your life. If you think nice thoughts, nice things tend to happen. If you think thoughts that make you feel bad, ugly things tend to happen.

But either way, the process is the same. It’s not like you think nice thoughts and ugly things happen. Ugly thoughts do not create nice things.

It’s a match; a direct correlation between what you think and what you get.

Stop worrying that you are going to get this wrong, you are already doing it correctly, all you really need to do is change what you want for an outcome.

Positive Thinking Tip 2: Start small with something you know you can be successful with.

Thinking is like grass growing, it is happening in your head all the time. Most often in a habitual pattern you learned from a significant authority in your life. We tend to worry about things similar to what our parents worried about. We tend to think positively about things our parents thought positively about.

The good news here is that since you already know how to think, you don’t need to relearn that skill. Simply use the ability you already have and make your next thought a thought outside your habitual pattern.

Because real changes are happening around us all the time, we have a tendency to overlook them until a large amount of small changes have occurred. Then we focus on that accumulation.

But since real change is done in small increments, try that technique for yourself on a conscious basis. For instance, instead of trying to manifest a million dollars into your bank account, start with the idea that you are ready to increase the amount of money you have in your life. Then look for evidence that your new thought has brought real results.

Find A Penny, Celebrate

Find a penny; mark that down in the win column. Run into an unexpected sale on your favorite brand of kind of bread in the grocery; awesome. More evidence that your new way of thinking is taking hold.

After just a few adventures like this, you will find yourself thinking thoughts like,”Shazzam! Of course, I am here just in time for the 2 for 1 special” instead of your former pattern of, “Dagnabit, if only that stupid truck hadn’t blown a tire on the expressway making us wait in traffic for an hour so we couldn’t get a ticket to the movie.”

Changes like this add up quickly, in fact, 2 or 3 could have happened right now while you were reading this. Paying attention to them makes them even sweeter.

Positive Thinking Tip 3: Think new thoughts on purpose.

In all honesty, you cannot change your thoughts. The thoughts you have already thought are done. They are over with, in the past, kaput, finito. Stop trying to resurrect them so you can change them.

Instead, think new thoughts from your new perspective. This is way easier to do.

True enough, zombies are very popular these days, and in the movies sometimes they get redeemed. In real life, however, zombie like thoughts from the past, are never going to bring you different results – no matter how much energy you put into trying to revive them.

Put your energy into new thoughts that are in alignment with your new thinking pattern. If a thought shows up that is similar to one you had in the past that made you feel bad, all you need to do is say something like, “Hey, old thought, I appreciate you showing up to help me see how much I have changed. Now I am thinking this new way instead. See you later.”

Think On Purpose

Then think your new thought on purpose, and let go of worrying about the old one.

No need to regret the past, you were doing what you knew how to do and it brought you results that were in alignments with the beliefs you held then. Now you are on the verge of creating new beliefs and your life is going to change. And change in a way that you are going to love.

Positive Thinking Tip 4: Stake your claim on all your thoughts, new ones and old ones too.

You are the only person in your mind thinking thoughts, ever. Doesn’t matter what Sci-Fi shows you have seen, in reality, you are the person doing all the thinking and you are responsible for each of your thoughts.

What an awesome idea.

Once you realize that you are responsible for each of your thoughts, you can move on to creating new thoughts that you like better in a brand new shiny thinking pattern that serves you in your quest for a better life.

These Are Your Thoughts

Insisting that someone else who is not you made you think a certain way, which made you feel a certain way, which made you act a certain way, is just not how the world is set up.

Mind you, there are a ton of people in your life who think they have this power and are willing to go to all sorts of extremes to make sure you know they do. They might even go so far as to say things like, “I can’t believe you actually thought that was a good idea to change the way you think. There are going to be all sorts of consequences for that, I just hope you’re ready.”

And you can just say, “I am ready and thank you for your kindness. I always appreciate how much you watch out for me. I want to change the way I think so I can improve my life, maybe that is something you would like too.” If so, check out this link online, Positive Thinking Tips, and send them to this post.

Positive Thinking Tip 5: Be willing to accept the change that is happening.

All change is incremental, and sometimes you change more on one day than another day. Sometimes, you might even revert temporarily to your old thinking pattern because it is easy to keep going in old habits, or you forgot to think differently n purpose, or because it’s Tuesday.

Let it go. No blame here and frankly, yelling at yourself for a perceived failure does not bring anything good into your life. Ease up; give yourself an “atta boy/girl” for seeing that you are different enough to recognize that your world is changing. And you are making the changes on purpose.

This Is Your Journey

This is your journey, once you step foot on the path of deliberate change, you will find it very unrewarding – at best, and at worst – a way to freeze yourself into stopping. From fear or worry or a bunch of other things, none of which are very healthy for you.

You’ve begun – in fact, reading this has already helped you recognize that you are changing into a person into a person more accepting of your power to create a world you want to live in. Instead of one you inherited from people who didn’t like what they had made.

So there they are; 5 controversial positive thinking tips you are not going to read anywhere else. You already knew the truth of these in your heart, they just kind of spoke to you in a way that you have not heard before. If you want a bit of encouragement on your path to a new way of thinking, please sign up here for our emails. Nothing but positive ideas, thoughts, videos, products and overall positivity from someone who has been walking the path of change on purpose a long time.

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