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Sometimes we get to the point in our lives when you know you have to make a change. That's good because that means we are at a place when we can invite something better than what we have right now into our lives. We just get tired of all the negativity in the world.

So we go searching around for somebody or something to give us a hand in making that change and we run across all kinds of super-exciting ideas and people that get us all heated up and ready to charge right out and build ourselves a brand new life right this very second.

Awesome. I am glad you found our website.

Just positive thinking stuff. Not religious, maybe spiritual if there absolutely has to be a label, but honestly, just simple, positive ideas.

There are a ton of these, they just get overshadowed by the mountain of negativity surrounding us on a daily basis.

When we started out looking for ways to make our lives more positive, they were few and far between, so we decided to create something on the internet that could help others simply have a better day.

If that sounds like something you would like, enter your name and email address into this box, and when we write about something here, we'll send you an email about it, so you can enjoy the awesome goodness that a bit of positivity adds to your life.

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Susan and Michael Shook

Susan and Michael Shook
Susan and Michael Shook in Maui

We are Susan and Michael Shook, real folks, living in California. This is a picture from our wedding in Maui.

I am not 100 percent sure what we are looking at, but it must have been pretty interesting.

We got married when we were 50 after having gone to high school together quite a while ago.

We spend a lot of time at home reading, studying and looking for positive ideas to share with the world.



2 thoughts on “About Michael Shook

    1. We were just talking about going back this very morning. It was a delight. We took our kids and grandchildren with us. Spent our wedding budget on plane tickets and hotels for the lot of us. Our wedding took place on a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset, it was one of teh most memorable experiences of my life.

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