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Giving positive blogging feedback to someone who has poured their heart and soul into a piece they have written can be a challenge sometimes.

We live in a world where snarkiness is revered and many people who have nothing to say or think are quite willing to muck about on your blog post and tell you why your writing is not up to snuff.

But here’s the thing, the internet has made anonymity a safe haven from which to lob hater grenades onto anyone who happens to be passing by. Just this morning, while I was reading in a forum, I saw a post where the poster was asking for help in getting a negative yelp review removed for his friend.

The poster was working hard to help his buddy who had run afoul of one of the many mealy-mouthed and crude writers who spend their days and nights picking on others in print.

It was bad enough once upon a time to read some of the op-ed pieces that print newspapers used to print. I can’t say that I liked those, but there was some honor in many of them. No stooping low to deliver a crushing coup de ’tat below the belt.

<sigh, insert sad face here>

But in the internet age, anyone with a keyboard can become a writing force to be reckoned with. Or not.

The truth is, when you are blogging, you are sharing your thoughts. YOUR thoughts. Not those of someone else.

In fact there is no reason at all to take much heed of anything anyone says about your writing. Now, there is a difference between negative, snarking feedback and positive feedback.

Negative feedback is primarily written so the writer can support their opinion of themselves and positive feedback is primarily written to provide support for the blogger.

So I decided I was going to ask for feedback about a particular post I had written. The one where I told the story of how I came to be called the Internet’s most positive blogger

I wrote the post, added it to Facebook then sent out an email to the subscribers on my email list. I was kind of expecting that I would get some comments on my post, but what I got back were emails.

I was literally blown away by what some people wrote. Things like:

You are really awesome!


Absolutely true, you are the most positive person who I have ever met (through writing) 


You are the sunshine in my day everyday and now that I understand the reason you are such a positive writer, I can really appreciate your emails!


Those made me feel really good.

I know – I have read all the 4 and 5 Agreements books saying my opinion is the only one that even sort of counts, but I gotta say, getting emails like that is a really good feeling.

Authentic writers bare their hearts and souls for all to see online. It is good to offer positive blogging feedback to those people; it really takes some personal confidence to allow anyone to read your writing. And everyone deserves to be treated well.

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Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction

 positive thinking ideas and the law of attraction

Just when you think you’ve seen it all or written about it all, another fascinating set of ideas shows up. Since I write about positive thinking, ideas that tend to show up for me are very positive. Positive thinking ideas and the law of attraction tend to go hand in hand.

Almost as if they were made for each other. “almost as if”, he laughs politely covering his chuckles with the back of his hand.

Truthfully, if you want more positivity in your life, you need to send more positivity out into the world. That’s how it works in real life, no staying at home snarking about on Twitter and expecting to have a life filled with positively excellent things.

Well, I guess you could expect that, but I don’t think your expectation would be all that successful.

Thinking about positivity, reading about positivity, expressing yourself in a positive manner, those things all act in concordance with each other to fill your life to the rim with awesome doses of goodness.

With that idea firmly in mind, here is a list of my latest positive blog posts. Please check them out, read through them and leave a comment or two, if you are so inclined. I sincerely appreciate you doing that, and if you know what it means, I have Comment Luv installed.

Give Yourself an Academy Award For Best Actor in A Drama

This post is about how we all starring in our own personal drama most of the time. And doing that so well that each of us deserves and Academy Award. I know I've got mine sitting at home - I have multiple awards. But truthfully, since I started thinking more positively more of the time, I find that the number of times I am being nominated for this award are becoming fewer and fewer.

Controversial Positive Thinking Tips

Usually, positive thinking is only a controversial topic when people are arguing about whether it works or not. Well, of course it works. And not just for Pollyanna either. This can work for anyone, same as negative thinking works just fine for almost anyone. Funny how so many folks are so willing to believe that negative things are real, and put up such a fuss when faced with the opposite idea. These positive thinking tips are different, and in fact, are controversial, even for positive thinking enthusiasts. Check them out and see for yourself.

How To Become A Positive Thinking Person

This post tells you the truth about this statement - that you really can't become a positive person. Of course, since all the writing here is packed with positive ideas, you can expect that this post contains a bit of a trick. A play on words which is dependent on the extraordinary literal nature of the Universe. The reason you can't become a positive thinking person is because . . .

3 Simple Tips To Begin Curing Yourself Of The Busy Disease

While it might not be officially recognized by any governing medial body, the busy disease is one of those conditions that almost everyone has. And almost nobody gets cured from without taking some positive actions. Our world places a premium on being busy, but not so much on acting thoughtfully. The problem is that having a case of the busy disease causes us to miss out on so much excellence in our lives. Replacing mindless action with thoughtfulness. If you have ever had the thought that you might be so busy you are not enjoying your life, this post contains tips on how to get started on your cure.

 The Most Positive Blogger

I've been writing and thinking positively for quite a while, so long in fact that my former employer named me the internet's Most Positive Blogger. That was quite a thing seeing as how he was the publisher of a political muck-raking alternative newspaper. But I liked it, and I decided to think of myself that way. In a positive way, of course, I mean its not like there is a competition for this title. :-)

Passing On In A Peaceful and Positive Way

At some point, all of us are going to pass on. Even if you are a believer in reincarnation, in order to live another life, you need to pass on from this one. This post shows you a simple, positive and sacred way to create a shared memory with a person who is passing on. This is different, gentle and will leave you feeling blessed.

How To Create A Positive Thinking Mindset

A mindset is different from a passing thought. We think all day long, some positive things and some more on the negative side of life. But when you have a positive thinking mindset to start from, it is easier to recognize when you go off the  path of living a life of positivity. The process is simple, but sometimes the simple things take some practice. In this case, the results of learning to live from a positive point of view are well worth the effort it takes to develop.

Thank you for taking the time to read these posts. I know that both positive thinking and the law of attraction have changed my life much for the better. I'm hoping an idea here will strike a chord with you. If you would like some additional positive ideas delivered straight to your email inbox, just fill in your name and email address in the boxes below.

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Law Of Attraction Meets Positive Thinking

law of attrction and positive thinking movie

When we think of movies featuring the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking, we usually think of things like "The Shift" by Wayne Dyer or "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne or "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.

All excellent movies that do a great job of teaching and are entertaining at the same time.

Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking Are Everywhere

Those are great teaching movies, and I have watched all of them numerous times, but in fact there are regular movies that also feature these ideas and one of the best one is Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.

In this movie Bill Murray plays a TV weatherman who is assigned to cover the events taking place on February 2 – Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where the official groundhog is supposed to forecast how many more weeks of winter there will be.

Murray is a heinous, loathsome character, rude, condescending and really an overall jerk to everyone he meets. In the movie, he misses out on leaving the town just before the big snowstorm hits trapping everyone in the town.

But in his personal world, he is condemned to repeat the event of a single day over and over again, while to everyone else it seems to be the first time they are experiencing the day. And to make matters worse, he winds up on the receiving end of the same bad behavior he customarily treats others with.

No matter what he does to change this, he wakes up every morning in the same way and repeats the day. He does make some changes in the days routine, taking advantage of everyone he meets because he knows what is going to happen.

He Must Change Himself

Eventually he realizes that if his life is going to change, he must change himself, and when he does this becoming a kind and terrific human being he is freed from the repetition of February 2nd, and allowed to progress on to the next day.

The movie itself is funny, often crassly so, this is Bill Murray after all, but the lesson he learns about changing his own life are true and poignantly presented.

The movie plays on a virtually endless loop on some US TV stations and is available in numerous other ways online.

If you want to see a movie about how easily the law of attraction and positive thinking can be used to change your life, consider looking Groundhog Day up online and watching it. Maybe even more than once.

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Positive Thinking Mindset

positive thinking mindset

Nothing succeeds like success

This is a popular idea, especially in positive thinking circles. That phrase is a shorthand version of the idea that like attracts like, that the more success you experience, the more success will be attracted to you. One thing that people don’t emphasize so much though, when talking about a positive thinking mindset, is the idea that it’s nice to have plenty of room in your life for positivity, if you let go of negative thinking.

It’s not magic, even though it might feel like it when we let something ugly go. And the truth is, we can only hold onto so many thoughts and emotions at any one time. When we keep hanging onto negative thoughts and emotions, we have that much less room for positive ones.

Hold Onto Positive Thinking Ideas

Conversely, when we keep hanging onto positive ideas, it’s like our emotion closet becomes infinitely expandable. We can hold onto more and more positive ideas. Pretty soon the negative ones get squeezed out and the days become packed full of positivity.

This sounds pretty esoteric, but in fact the idea of letting things go that we don’t need any more is one of the hallmarks of success in our world. For instance, if a company is experiencing great difficulties in making a profit, a time honored technique to revive its flagging fortunes is to hire a turnaround specialist whose first task is often to let go of the management team, and replace them with new people who have new ideas.

It works the same way in schools. If a school in the US keeps floundering with higher and higher percentages of its students failing the required exams, one of the most prevalent immediate solutions is to relieve the principal and put a new person in place.

Letting Negative Ideas Go Works For You Too

Since you are in charge of your life, it is perfectly OK for you to let go of ideas that don’t serve you anymore. Then fill that empty space up with more positive thoughts. Fascinating to find that when we are willing to let go of the things that make us feel the worst, how many wonderful new things show up to take their place.

Almost as if by magic, the creative spirit awakens and we find dozens of opportunities to feel better, when we let go of the compulsive need to keep thinking in the same old ways. Surprisingly, sometimes letting go of ideas we have thought for a long time isn’t always easy, even when we know those ideas are not serving us in the least.

So here’s a poem about the idea of letting go of things we don’t need to keep. Maybe this could help you let of of some negative things.

I Don't Care

When I don’t care how others look
It’s easier to see
Inside their hearts to find the way
Their souls want them to be

When I don’t care what others say
Its easier to hear
Their truthful pains disguised inside
Their words of doubt and fear

When I don’t care what others think
It’s easier to pay
Attention to the important things
That show up every day

The world turns on, it does not stop
For oiling or repair
And I’ve much to gain, with less stress and strain
In my life
If I just don’t care


It’s so much more enjoyable to live a life filled with positivity and light, than it is to live any other way. The key to filling your life with positive ideas is to let go of the negative ones, so you have room for something new.

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Passing Peacefully

passing peacefully - the sacred circle

In the last few years, it’s become a popular topic to speak about having lived past lives. To bring memories of those lives into our present day time and to chat about this idea in casual conversation. Living past lives is a hot topic. But here’s the thing about reincarnation. In order to have had all those past lives and currently living in this one, that means you had to have died a number of times before. Regardless of what we see on TV or in the movies, death is a common occurrence, and passing peacefully is much more common than any other manner of dying.

So why are we talking about this on a blog all about positive thinking? No deep dark secrets here, no inciting of hurrying to end it all, just a humble a blog post addressing a common everyday reality with a suggestion for how to honor this experience.

Passing Peacefully The Explanation

Here’s how this came about.

Susan is friends with a woman on Facebook who is dying. And she is chronicling her experience in a series of posts on Facebook. She has brain cancer, and it is incurable and untreatable except symptomatically. She is an honorable and awesome human being, who is at the point where she has accepted this experience at this time.

But she is sad for her husband, who has spent his entire life loving her, and now has to deal with his own issues of acceptance.

So I decided I would write about a simple way to create a memorial and share it here.

It is called simply – The Sacred Circle.

I will show you how to create your own. And truthfully, there is no need to wait for anyone in your life to be passing to use this. You can do this with your kids, your parents, your siblings, your partner, your friends. The situations in which you can use this are honestly infinite in number.

Creating Your Sacred Circle

Here are the things you are going to need. Of course you can change these materials as needed. These are simply the things I have found work the best.

The Materials

1. A sheet of black toothed drawing paper. Toothed paper is rough in texture so that when you run your hand over the surface it is coarse feeling, not smooth. Arts and crafts stores have these.

black toothed paper for a sacred circle

2. A dinner plate or other circular object.

dinner plate for drawing a sacred circle

3. Some colored pencils

colored pencils for drawing a sacred circle

The Process

1. Place the dinner plate on the paper and trace around it with a colored pencil.

black toothed paper for creating a sacred circle

2. Have the first person put their hand on the paper and the second person trace around it with a colored pencil.

trace around t hefirst person's hand

Now switch, and have the second person place their hand on the paper overlapping the outline of the first person’s hand and the second person do the tracing.

trace the second person's hand overlapping the first

Repeat this as many times as you want to, making sure the hand outlines are overlapping.

Now sit with each other and color in the space created by the overlapping outlines.

add shapes and colors to the spaces created by the outlines of the hands

When you are finished adding shapes and colors, write your names on the drawing.

You are finished.

Here’s what you can expect from creating your sacred circle

This entire experience is sacred; you are going to cry, and you are going to cry a lot.

Tracing around another person’s hand is an intimate experience. Feeling them trace around your hand is an intimate experience. Not in a sexual way, but honestly once you do this, you will retain the feeling for a very long time.

You are going to get tired of filling in the little spaces with designs, keep going until you can honestly say you are finished.

You are going to cry and want to touch each other and hug when you are finished.

You will want to touch this creation many, many times because the paper has become infused with the personal energies of the people who created it – don’t hold yourself back.

Other Possibilities

This creation can be used in many ways, not just for situations where a person is passing. If you know a service member who is being deployed, create a sacred circle with them before they leave.

If lovers must be apart for a while, create a sacred circle – or two – so each person can have one.

If you are the adviser of a graduating class, create a sacred circle with the hand tracing of each class member.

The possibilities are endless.

But in the end, if you are in a situation where a person you love is passing, this is an incredibly sacred and honorable thing to create to remember them in a loving way.

Creating a sacred circle truly does help in passing peacefully. Both the person who is passing and the ones who are left behind to remember. And if you are in a situation where this idea might serve, do it now. Don’t wait; there is no time like the present.

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The Internet’s Most Positive Blogger

 Michael Shook the most positive blogger on the internet

The Internet's Most Positive Blogger - I like this title, so I thought I would write an explanation of how I came to be called the most positive blogger on the internet.

One of the things I did after leaving teaching was work at a newspaper selling advertising. It was interesting work but kind of hit or miss in keeping up a steady sales volume.

Print does not do well these days in the age of the internet. The paper was a mix of counterculture and political controversy. This made it even harder to sell ad space.

The editor/publisher and I became friends while I was working there as the Sales Manager while the paper itself was winding down in its old age. He left shortly after I did but we stayed online friends mostly through Facebook.

My writing has "most" always been on the positive side and I spend most of my writing energy talking about ideas that I think make the world a better place. I can honestly say not everything I have ever written has been positive, but 99.9% of what I write now is about positive thinking ideas.

The Most Positive Blogger On The Internet

So even though my newspaper publishing friend was basically a political muckraker, he liked my site at ALifeOfLight.com and the way I wrote, so he gave me the title of the most positive blogger on the internet. This was a big deal for him, because even though he was my friend, he was one of the most negative thinking people I have ever met. he deliberately sought out the worst sides of people and then spread those observations all over with his newspaper and the internet.

With a little bit of conversation it was easy to find out that he had a had a number of troubles in his life. His daughter had died of a terrible wasting away disease like Lou Gehrig's and his wife was an addict.

Maybe you've known like that who had started out as a happy-go-lucky sort of person and wound up bitter and sad. He was that way, but I could look into his heart and see how his true self was. So we became friends.

He liked the way I wrote, frankly I was better at writing than selling ad space for a print newspaper and he thought I needed a nickname. So back when Klout was still a thing, he logged into mine and gave me the label of The Most Positive Blogger On The Internet. I liked that idea and decided that I would live up to that idea and that name.

It has been a joy, frankly and has brought me in contact with some of the most extraordinary people online and offline.

Over the time I have been publishing on ALOL; I have sent hundreds of thousands of emails to the people who subscribe to my positive email service. If you have ever been on a subscription list like Mike Dooley’s from Tut.com , that is the style I write in.

When I open up my email and read what someone has written back to in response to one of the messages I have sent out, I am always humbled and honored.

But the real truth is; I think I am the one who has benefited more from writing on a consistent basis than anyone else. So much so that my suggestion is that if you are a blogger, that you might benefit from the free blogging challenge my friend Sarah Arrow runs right here ---> Sarah’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

With each post I write, each email I send, my ideas become clearer and clearer and I find each of my days becoming more powerful and positive.

I know it is a good thing to write consistently, it is something that Brenda Ueland espouses, but sometimes it was if my brain was going to sleep when I sat down at the keyboard.

Too bad too, because I deprived myself of the opportunity to engage in something I have loved doing for a very long time. I deserve to feel good about what I do, as does everyone. For me, writing is a pleasure.

I do write novels and non-fiction and sometimes for other people as a ghostwriter. But writing about the positive ideas in life is where my heart truly resides.

When I keep my writing focused on the idea of positivity I have awesomely positive days and I have never had as much fun as now. I will be forever grateful to Dean (the publisher) for giving me the title of the internet’s most positive blogger. And I will spend each day keeping that idea alive in my writing.

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The Busy Disease – 3 Simple Tips To Begin Your Cure

how to cure the busy disease

Once upon a time, life was simple. You ate, you slept, you enjoyed your day. There was plenty of time to get done the things you needed to get done in order to have a wonderful day and feel good. Very little stress, lots of time for feeling free and absolutely no symptoms of the busy disease in your life.

Life doesn’t seem to be so simple anymore. Most times it’s like there just seem to be more and more things to do, more tasks to accomplish, more jobs and less time to accomplish them.

There is always something more to be done. It’s not a bad thing having lots of things to do, living a life feeling a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is not a bad idea at all.

But living a life of packing a week’s worth of activities into a single day is not so healthy for us, and perhaps you might be suffering some of the consequences of this behavior.


3 simple tips to start curing the busy disease

  • Start your day with a positive thought.

If you don’t do this naturally, do it on purpose. This doesn’t have to be all esoteric and uppity uppity, just something simple like, “Today is an awesome day. I am going to enjoy each moment”

You are not going to get another chance to enjoy this waking up moment of this particular day ever again. Will you have more opportunities to wake up and start that day with a positive idea? Sure. But why let this one slip by?

The reason you do this is that it sets the tone for the entire day. Not so you can scurry about getting as much done as is possible, but so that you own your day. This experience is yours, it does not belong to anyone else, and when you start your day on a positive note, every other moment is going to go along that much smoother.

  • Choose what you want as an outcome for your actions.

Of course, this idea is borrowed from Stephen Covey, who borrowed it from somebody, who borrowed it from someone else and on and on. But honestly, it just makes the idea ever more credible.

One of the most common symptoms of the Busy Disease is coping or reacting. When you plan what you want on purpose before you start, you send a signal out to the Universe that you are choosing what to fill your day with. Amazingly enough, then the Universe lines up all sorts of awesomeness to help you along the way.

But when you don’t decide what you want to wind up with, you are sending out the signal that it is OK with you for whatever happens to happen. And you are going to get a day full of reacting, and coping and stress.

  • Decide that you are responsible for your life and in charge of filling it up.

And if you want to fill your day up with time to sit by the window and think about how great 5th grade recess was, then do that. If you want to make the choice that life is going to be ever so much easier if you take your kid to hockey practice rather than having her walk the 3 miles there, then choose that. But whatever you choose, make that choice on purpose because it suits your life.

And if you can’t make that choice suit your life, make another choice instead. If you don’t like going to work, but you need to eat this week, make the choice that when you get home you are going to research on the internet to find a way to make an income by using your computer. Truthfully speaking here, there are plenty of ways to do this; it just takes some time before you find the one that is right for you.

 Start Your Cure Right Now

You really don’t have to live with the Busy Disease any longer; you can begin your cure today. It might take some doing and walking along a different path than some of the people you know. But this is your life, not theirs, and you deserve to live your life the way you choose; in a way that brings you peace of heart.

These 3 simple tips for curing yourself of the Busy Disease are taken from my upcoming book - The Busy Disease. Please take a moment and sign up for positive thinking tips and notification when the book is published. No SPAM, no sharing or selling of email addresses, no nothing except for awesomely positive ideas.

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How To Become A Positive Thinking Person

how to become a positive thinking person


Chances are, if you are like many people in the world, you have had your share of heartache, your share of the blues, and your share of hard times. You might even begin to wonder if all the stuff you have read online about how to become a positive thinking person is just a load of hogwash.

It’s not hogwash, but most of it is a bit misguided.

There are plenty of lists of positive thinking tips, written by well-meaning people with positive hearts, the only issue being that they started writing a how to guide from a mistaken premise.

That you have to become a positive thinking person because you are not one.

No Real Need To Learn How To Become A Positive Thinking Person

The truth is, you were born a positive thinking human being, or more correctly; a positive feeling human being.

Consider a baby. Cute, round, bubbly, brimming with cheerfulness without a worry in the world. A baby lives in the present moment, undaunted by tomorrows and unshackled from the need to hide their emotions. A baby is hungry, everyone knows it. A baby is happy, everyone knows it. Pure positive energy, wrapped up in an angelic smile

Honest emotions in their purest form.

We were each a baby once upon a time, where did that purity of positivity go? What happened to change us into the kind of person who is looking online for ways to become a positive thinking person?

The answer to that is simple. Nothing happened to us, we did NOT stop being positive people at heart, we did not change who we are inside.

But what we did do, was cover ourselves up with layers and layers of ideas and thoughts and pictures and opinions that were negative.

At first, sure, we didn’t pay much attention, negativity rolled off of us like water off a duck’s back. We still remained purely positive people quite willing to tell anyone who would listen that negativity was not the way of the world.

But Bit by Bit

But you know how it goes with relentless onslaughts, after a while, especially when we hear more and more negative ideas, the surface of our shiny positive identity gets the tiniest bit scratched and a scrap of a negative idea sticks there.

Then that scrap attracts another scrap and those two reach out their tentacles to trap other negative ideas whirring by. And on and on and on. Until one day we come to the conclusion that life is hard, pain is inevitable and positive thinking people just don’t understand reality.


We think and act as if negativity was reality rather than a mistaken idea someone just passed along to us.

This is such awesomely good news.

It means that you do not need to learn how to become a positive thinking person, because you have an innate talent to be exactly that way. Happy, smiling, peaceful at heart, willing to share that brilliant sun of love you have warming in your chest.

All you really need to do is let go. Let go of the negative thoughts and ideas that formed a thick crust over your perfect nature of positivity. And that is much easier than learning to become an entirely different person.

Here is how you start right now

The next time you hear somebody say something negative or read something negative online, simply say to yourself, “Well, that is how they think, but I do not need to think that way. I choose to think a positive thought right now.” Then think a positive thought.

The positive thought does not need to be earth shattering, just something as simple as, “I am glad I learned that I can think a positive thought if I so choose.”

Then move on with your day.

Can the secret to feeling more positive every day really be this simple? Why, yes, it can and it is.

Most good ideas are simple, and that makes them easy to implement. And well worth doing.

The secret to learning how to become a positive person is simple.

Change the idea that life is all about negativity by choosing to take one small action with your thoughts today. Interestingly, when you do this for a while, you will find that your heart feels better, your outlook on life is sunnier and you just plain old have better days. Exactly what you deserve.

5 Most Controversial Positive Thinking Tips

positive thinking tips
Top 5 Controversial Positive Thinking Tips

So you’ve searched the internet until you are blue in the face, your mouse pad has a hole worn through it and your clicking finger is just a bloody stump, but you still can’t find those elusive positive thinking tips that will change your life.

Have no fear; now that you are reading this, your search is over.

And given the general consensus of positive thinking ideas that you can find online, the ones you have  found here are probably different. OK, that’s an understatement; they are definitely different and in fact may very well go against much that you have learned about positive thinking in the past.

Positive Thinking Tips List


Positive Thinking Tip 1: Stop worrying, all your thoughts are already positive because the Universe is only a positive place.

The only real force in the world is love. The idea of duality, that there are evil forces fighting against the good forces, is a misunderstanding of the nature of causality.

Can't Do This

In effect this means you cannot think a negative thought.

You can think thoughts that make you feel bad or that bring undesired consequences into your life but these are not negative thoughts. They are in fact positive thoughts; here’s why.

When you think a certain way, certain things tend to happen in your life. If you think nice thoughts, nice things tend to happen. If you think thoughts that make you feel bad, ugly things tend to happen.

But either way, the process is the same. It’s not like you think nice thoughts and ugly things happen. Ugly thoughts do not create nice things.

It’s a match; a direct correlation between what you think and what you get.

Stop worrying that you are going to get this wrong, you are already doing it correctly, all you really need to do is change what you want for an outcome.

Positive Thinking Tip 2: Start small with something you know you can be successful with.

Thinking is like grass growing, it is happening in your head all the time. Most often in a habitual pattern you learned from a significant authority in your life. We tend to worry about things similar to what our parents worried about. We tend to think positively about things our parents thought positively about.

The good news here is that since you already know how to think, you don’t need to relearn that skill. Simply use the ability you already have and make your next thought a thought outside your habitual pattern.

Because real changes are happening around us all the time, we have a tendency to overlook them until a large amount of small changes have occurred. Then we focus on that accumulation.

But since real change is done in small increments, try that technique for yourself on a conscious basis. For instance, instead of trying to manifest a million dollars into your bank account, start with the idea that you are ready to increase the amount of money you have in your life. Then look for evidence that your new thought has brought real results.

Find A Penny, Celebrate

Find a penny; mark that down in the win column. Run into an unexpected sale on your favorite brand of kind of bread in the grocery; awesome. More evidence that your new way of thinking is taking hold.

After just a few adventures like this, you will find yourself thinking thoughts like,”Shazzam! Of course, I am here just in time for the 2 for 1 special” instead of your former pattern of, “Dagnabit, if only that stupid truck hadn’t blown a tire on the expressway making us wait in traffic for an hour so we couldn’t get a ticket to the movie.”

Changes like this add up quickly, in fact, 2 or 3 could have happened right now while you were reading this. Paying attention to them makes them even sweeter.

Positive Thinking Tip 3: Think new thoughts on purpose.

In all honesty, you cannot change your thoughts. The thoughts you have already thought are done. They are over with, in the past, kaput, finito. Stop trying to resurrect them so you can change them.

Instead, think new thoughts from your new perspective. This is way easier to do.

True enough, zombies are very popular these days, and in the movies sometimes they get redeemed. In real life, however, zombie like thoughts from the past, are never going to bring you different results – no matter how much energy you put into trying to revive them.

Put your energy into new thoughts that are in alignment with your new thinking pattern. If a thought shows up that is similar to one you had in the past that made you feel bad, all you need to do is say something like, “Hey, old thought, I appreciate you showing up to help me see how much I have changed. Now I am thinking this new way instead. See you later.”

Think On Purpose

Then think your new thought on purpose, and let go of worrying about the old one.

No need to regret the past, you were doing what you knew how to do and it brought you results that were in alignments with the beliefs you held then. Now you are on the verge of creating new beliefs and your life is going to change. And change in a way that you are going to love.

Positive Thinking Tip 4: Stake your claim on all your thoughts, new ones and old ones too.

You are the only person in your mind thinking thoughts, ever. Doesn’t matter what Sci-Fi shows you have seen, in reality, you are the person doing all the thinking and you are responsible for each of your thoughts.

What an awesome idea.

Once you realize that you are responsible for each of your thoughts, you can move on to creating new thoughts that you like better in a brand new shiny thinking pattern that serves you in your quest for a better life.

These Are Your Thoughts

Insisting that someone else who is not you made you think a certain way, which made you feel a certain way, which made you act a certain way, is just not how the world is set up.

Mind you, there are a ton of people in your life who think they have this power and are willing to go to all sorts of extremes to make sure you know they do. They might even go so far as to say things like, “I can’t believe you actually thought that was a good idea to change the way you think. There are going to be all sorts of consequences for that, I just hope you’re ready.”

And you can just say, “I am ready and thank you for your kindness. I always appreciate how much you watch out for me. I want to change the way I think so I can improve my life, maybe that is something you would like too.” If so, check out this link online, Positive Thinking Tips, and send them to this post.

Positive Thinking Tip 5: Be willing to accept the change that is happening.

All change is incremental, and sometimes you change more on one day than another day. Sometimes, you might even revert temporarily to your old thinking pattern because it is easy to keep going in old habits, or you forgot to think differently n purpose, or because it’s Tuesday.

Let it go. No blame here and frankly, yelling at yourself for a perceived failure does not bring anything good into your life. Ease up; give yourself an “atta boy/girl” for seeing that you are different enough to recognize that your world is changing. And you are making the changes on purpose.

This Is Your Journey

This is your journey, once you step foot on the path of deliberate change, you will find it very unrewarding – at best, and at worst – a way to freeze yourself into stopping. From fear or worry or a bunch of other things, none of which are very healthy for you.

You’ve begun – in fact, reading this has already helped you recognize that you are changing into a person into a person more accepting of your power to create a world you want to live in. Instead of one you inherited from people who didn’t like what they had made.

So there they are; 5 controversial positive thinking tips you are not going to read anywhere else. You already knew the truth of these in your heart, they just kind of spoke to you in a way that you have not heard before. If you want a bit of encouragement on your path to a new way of thinking, please sign up here for our emails. Nothing but positive ideas, thoughts, videos, products and overall positivity from someone who has been walking the path of change on purpose a long time.

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Envelope Please

Give yourself an oscar


Of course, we all say we want to live a positive life

A life full of fun and money and great friends and good health and wonderful loving relationships. We state emphatically that we want a life free from drama, from problems, from misery, from the seemingly constant barrage of negative messages we receive in a day.

So why do we so often wind up living lives packed to the brim with drama and strife and problems?

The answer is astoundingly simple.

We were taught that the correct way to live life is to be afraid and nervous, and that the few times of joy and happiness are short breaks from the reality of the Universe.

We were taught that real life is difficult. That real life is not all fun and games. That real life in effect is hard, not easy, and the sooner we come to grips with that, the "better off" our lives are going to be.

Really? And who decided that a life of drama and trouble was the way to measure the quality of betterness.

In the real reality, though, we are the actors who create our lives. We have assigned a role for ourselves in a play which is often a dramatic tragedy.

And boy oh boy, do we do this well. So awesome are our acting skills, that we certainly deserve an Oscar for this performance as the star in a drama of our own creation.

And you know what – this is really good news.

That means our acting skills are completely up to the task of switching roles if we want. We don’t need to be typecast as the dramatically tragic star if we want to play another role instead.

We could be the lead in a romance, in a comedy, in a light-hearted silly movie with happy people, fun things to do and days and nights full of the activities that make our hearts burst with joy.

We can change the role we play, we can change the script of our lives, and we can alter the stage direction given by the director. Because we are in charge of our lives.

We have in fact, done so well in our lives up to this point that we honestly do deserve to win an Academy Award.

But Here's The Thing

Now that you have won this award, it’s time to move on to another type of role. Time to make the changes you want in your life, the positive changes that can bring a smile to your face any time you want.

This is in fact; your life and you are the star. You deserve happiness, positivity, awesomeness and endless days of sunshine.

So go ahead, accept this Oscar you already earned and start right now to prepare for your new role in your awesomely positive and positively awesome life.

You deserve it.