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You've probably arrived here through a link in one of my free products or maybe even one of my paid products. I don't advertise this page much, because it is really for people who ar go-getters.

People who are willing to take that extra step in building their online businesses. If that sounds like you, please enter your name and email address into the form below.

There is no bribe for signing up. I don't mind those, and in fact, the product you found this link in was probably a giveaway. But if you are looking for some sound guidance from a guy who has been doing this for 10 years - successfully, then you are in the right place.

I usually send out emails two or three times a week, sometimes tips, sometimes advice, sometimes things for sale - that I either create or trust the person who did. Sometimes I use the products I recommend and sometimes not. I do this because you might have a different kind of business than I do, but the product might be really good. I don't need it because I already have a solution, but it might help you.

For instance, I use Aweber, and have for 10 years, but there might be a great discount on GetResponse for instance (I don't know if they do that, that is just an example), or maybe there is a great deal on graphics. I have a lot of graphics because I like them a lot, and might not need anymore; but you might and I would feel OK telling you about that.

Enough chatter. Here's the form, its double optin, I always use that and recommend you do too. So that means you will be getting a confirmation email. It might go in your SPAM folder, so look for it there, if it doesn't come in a little while.

My name on the Warrior Forum is my real name Michael Shook, drop by and say Hi. I am always looking for people to have a long term relationship with in business, maybe you and I can do something together some day.

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