Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction

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 positive thinking ideas and the law of attraction

Just when you think you’ve seen it all or written about it all, another fascinating set of ideas shows up. Since I write about positive thinking, ideas that tend to show up for me are very positive. Positive thinking ideas and the law of attraction tend to go hand in hand.

Almost as if they were made for each other. “almost as if”, he laughs politely covering his chuckles with the back of his hand.

Truthfully, if you want more positivity in your life, you need to send more positivity out into the world. That’s how it works in real life, no staying at home snarking about on Twitter and expecting to have a life filled with positively excellent things.

Well, I guess you could expect that, but I don’t think your expectation would be all that successful.

Thinking about positivity, reading about positivity, expressing yourself in a positive manner, those things all act in concordance with each other to fill your life to the rim with awesome doses of goodness.

With that idea firmly in mind, here is a list of my latest positive blog posts. Please check them out, read through them and leave a comment or two, if you are so inclined. I sincerely appreciate you doing that, and if you know what it means, I have Comment Luv installed.

Give Yourself an Academy Award For Best Actor in A Drama

This post is about how we all starring in our own personal drama most of the time. And doing that so well that each of us deserves and Academy Award. I know I’ve got mine sitting at home – I have multiple awards. But truthfully, since I started thinking more positively more of the time, I find that the number of times I am being nominated for this award are becoming fewer and fewer.

Controversial Positive Thinking Tips

Usually, positive thinking is only a controversial topic when people are arguing about whether it works or not. Well, of course it works. And not just for Pollyanna either. This can work for anyone, same as negative thinking works just fine for almost anyone. Funny how so many folks are so willing to believe that negative things are real, and put up such a fuss when faced with the opposite idea. These positive thinking tips are different, and in fact, are controversial, even for positive thinking enthusiasts. Check them out and see for yourself.

How To Become A Positive Thinking Person

This post tells you the truth about this statement – that you really can’t become a positive person. Of course, since all the writing here is packed with positive ideas, you can expect that this post contains a bit of a trick. A play on words which is dependent on the extraordinary literal nature of the Universe. The reason you can’t become a positive thinking person is because . . .

3 Simple Tips To Begin Curing Yourself Of The Busy Disease

While it might not be officially recognized by any governing medial body, the busy disease is one of those conditions that almost everyone has. And almost nobody gets cured from without taking some positive actions. Our world places a premium on being busy, but not so much on acting thoughtfully. The problem is that having a case of the busy disease causes us to miss out on so much excellence in our lives. Replacing mindless action with thoughtfulness. If you have ever had the thought that you might be so busy you are not enjoying your life, this post contains tips on how to get started on your cure.

 The Most Positive Blogger

I’ve been writing and thinking positively for quite a while, so long in fact that my former employer named me the internet’s Most Positive Blogger. That was quite a thing seeing as how he was the publisher of a political muck-raking alternative newspaper. But I liked it, and I decided to think of myself that way. In a positive way, of course, I mean its not like there is a competition for this title. 🙂

Passing On In A Peaceful and Positive Way

At some point, all of us are going to pass on. Even if you are a believer in reincarnation, in order to live another life, you need to pass on from this one. This post shows you a simple, positive and sacred way to create a shared memory with a person who is passing on. This is different, gentle and will leave you feeling blessed.

How To Create A Positive Thinking Mindset

A mindset is different from a passing thought. We think all day long, some positive things and some more on the negative side of life. But when you have a positive thinking mindset to start from, it is easier to recognize when you go off the  path of living a life of positivity. The process is simple, but sometimes the simple things take some practice. In this case, the results of learning to live from a positive point of view are well worth the effort it takes to develop.

Thank you for taking the time to read these posts. I know that both positive thinking and the law of attraction have changed my life much for the better. I’m hoping an idea here will strike a chord with you. If you would like some additional positive ideas delivered straight to your email inbox, just fill in your name and email address in the boxes below.

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