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Active Retirement Communities: Retirement Living At Its Finest

Active retirement communities are the wave of the future. That wave is rolling on top of us right this very minute. The great tidal wave of population, the baby boomer generation, is in full retirement swing right now and will continue to be that way for a number of years to come.

Retirement communities as a whole are a new idea. It used to be that as a person got on in years, they either had to move in with one of your kids or settle for being put out to pasture in a retirement or nursing home. That meant the same two choices or everyone. Not such a good deal.

But the majority of seniors are baby boomers, who have spent lifetimes running their own lives. It seems natural they would like some choice over where they retired. With that idea in mind, retirement communities or retirement villages as they are sometimes called, were born.

The Difference Between Active Retirement Communities and Nursing Homes

Active retirement communities are full of active adults. These seniors are full of energy and look forward with great anticipation to lots of fun and exciting activities in their lives as they grow a bit older.

It used to be that that the primary purpose of a retirement facility was waiting. That is all the residents ever seemed to do. And while they were waiting, a few activities were offered, things like watching TV and doing puzzles were high on the list of things to do. Not too exciting.

But now, senior retirement communities can be found based around a sport like golf or tennis or softball or even sailing. These are sports where people participate. A quick look at the marketing materials for a company like Trilogy and shows residents doing what they want as opposed to waiting.  This is the way that people want to retire now.

"Retire and stay active" used to be a buzzword phrase. Now it's more like "retire and begin a new era of activity in your life." Try something new, like travel. Not on bus trip to the local museum, but on a zip line through the rain-forest canopy.

Start a new hobby. Not basket weaving, but intramural basketball on a coed team.

Those are the kinds of things that happen in active retirement communities these days.

Baby Boomers Want Active  Retirement

This group of people retiring now is one of the largest demographic sections in recent history. The folks who were born between 1946 and 1964 constitute an enormous group of people both in terms of number of people and in economic power. More people in this group have more money overall than any other category.

Smart real estate developers realized early on that baby boomers wanted to have active retirements and started building communities that were restricted to active people over 55. These communities are still springing up all over the country.

Just a generation ago the only places to retire were in Arizona or Florida. Nothing wrong with those places, but one is a desert and the other is a swamp, and if a person didn't want to live in either of those locations, they were out of luck.

But now because so many retirees want to live active lives in locations of their own choosing, a spot in a retirement community can be purchased in Chicago, Indiana, Boston, North Dakota, Oregon or almost anywhere else.

Active retirement communities have transformed the old ideas of a post-working life. Seniors can look forward to more years in their lives and more life in their years, making retirement the delight it was always intended to be.