How To Become A Positive Thinking Person

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how to become a positive thinking person


Chances are, if you are like many people in the world, you have had your share of heartache, your share of the blues, and your share of hard times. You might even begin to wonder if all the stuff you have read online about how to become a positive thinking person is just a load of hogwash.

It’s not hogwash, but most of it is a bit misguided.

There are plenty of lists of positive thinking tips, written by well-meaning people with positive hearts, the only issue being that they started writing a how to guide from a mistaken premise.

That you have to become a positive thinking person because you are not one.

No Real Need To Learn How To Become A Positive Thinking Person

The truth is, you were born a positive thinking human being, or more correctly; a positive feeling human being.

Consider a baby. Cute, round, bubbly, brimming with cheerfulness without a worry in the world. A baby lives in the present moment, undaunted by tomorrows and unshackled from the need to hide their emotions. A baby is hungry, everyone knows it. A baby is happy, everyone knows it. Pure positive energy, wrapped up in an angelic smile

Honest emotions in their purest form.

We were each a baby once upon a time, where did that purity of positivity go? What happened to change us into the kind of person who is looking online for ways to become a positive thinking person?

The answer to that is simple. Nothing happened to us, we did NOT stop being positive people at heart, we did not change who we are inside.

But what we did do, was cover ourselves up with layers and layers of ideas and thoughts and pictures and opinions that were negative.

At first, sure, we didn’t pay much attention, negativity rolled off of us like water off a duck’s back. We still remained purely positive people quite willing to tell anyone who would listen that negativity was not the way of the world.

But Bit by Bit

But you know how it goes with relentless onslaughts, after a while, especially when we hear more and more negative ideas, the surface of our shiny positive identity gets the tiniest bit scratched and a scrap of a negative idea sticks there.

Then that scrap attracts another scrap and those two reach out their tentacles to trap other negative ideas whirring by. And on and on and on. Until one day we come to the conclusion that life is hard, pain is inevitable and positive thinking people just don’t understand reality.


We think and act as if negativity was reality rather than a mistaken idea someone just passed along to us.

This is such awesomely good news.

It means that you do not need to learn how to become a positive thinking person, because you have an innate talent to be exactly that way. Happy, smiling, peaceful at heart, willing to share that brilliant sun of love you have warming in your chest.

All you really need to do is let go. Let go of the negative thoughts and ideas that formed a thick crust over your perfect nature of positivity. And that is much easier than learning to become an entirely different person.

Here is how you start right now

The next time you hear somebody say something negative or read something negative online, simply say to yourself, “Well, that is how they think, but I do not need to think that way. I choose to think a positive thought right now.” Then think a positive thought.

The positive thought does not need to be earth shattering, just something as simple as, “I am glad I learned that I can think a positive thought if I so choose.”

Then move on with your day.

Can the secret to feeling more positive every day really be this simple? Why, yes, it can and it is.

Most good ideas are simple, and that makes them easy to implement. And well worth doing.

The secret to learning how to become a positive person is simple.

Change the idea that life is all about negativity by choosing to take one small action with your thoughts today. Interestingly, when you do this for a while, you will find that your heart feels better, your outlook on life is sunnier and you just plain old have better days. Exactly what you deserve.


  1. Very true. It’s not always easy, but when you get in the habit of it, positive thinking can make you a much stronger person.

  2. Author

    It is not so easy sometimes, but it sure is an awesome way to live.

  3. True. Many people seem proud of their ability to look on the negative side, no matter how positive others are being. It’s something that can be turned around. As you said, people can choose to think a positive thought then affirm it. Great idea!

    Enjoyed your post 🙂

  4. Author

    Thank you for your kind words, Shan. it is amazing sometime how we just decide – albeit unconsciously – that the ideas of another are more important than our own. Even when they contradict what we know in our hearts to be true.

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