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Give yourself an oscar


Of course, we all say we want to live a positive life

A life full of fun and money and great friends and good health and wonderful loving relationships. We state emphatically that we want a life free from drama, from problems, from misery, from the seemingly constant barrage of negative messages we receive in a day.

So why do we so often wind up living lives packed to the brim with drama and strife and problems?

The answer is astoundingly simple.

We were taught that the correct way to live life is to be afraid and nervous, and that the few times of joy and happiness are short breaks from the reality of the Universe.

We were taught that real life is difficult. That real life is not all fun and games. That real life in effect is hard, not easy, and the sooner we come to grips with that, the “better off” our lives are going to be.

Really? And who decided that a life of drama and trouble was the way to measure the quality of betterness.

In the real reality, though, we are the actors who create our lives. We have assigned a role for ourselves in a play which is often a dramatic tragedy.

And boy oh boy, do we do this well. So awesome are our acting skills, that we certainly deserve an Oscar for this performance as the star in a drama of our own creation.

And you know what – this is really good news.

That means our acting skills are completely up to the task of switching roles if we want. We don’t need to be typecast as the dramatically tragic star if we want to play another role instead.

We could be the lead in a romance, in a comedy, in a light-hearted silly movie with happy people, fun things to do and days and nights full of the activities that make our hearts burst with joy.

We can change the role we play, we can change the script of our lives, and we can alter the stage direction given by the director. Because we are in charge of our lives.

We have in fact, done so well in our lives up to this point that we honestly do deserve to win an Academy Award.

But Here’s The Thing

Now that you have won this award, it’s time to move on to another type of role. Time to make the changes you want in your life, the positive changes that can bring a smile to your face any time you want.

This is in fact; your life and you are the star. You deserve happiness, positivity, awesomeness and endless days of sunshine.

So go ahead, accept this Oscar you already earned and start right now to prepare for your new role in your awesomely positive and positively awesome life.

You deserve it.



  1. OK, then, I’ll take a bow. And acknowledge that I am ready for a new role, one with a lot of Laughter and inner peace. Thank You.

  2. Author

    Most awesome, Susan. Nothing stopping you from taking home another Oscar for that role too. 🙂

  3. LOVED reading that and the metaphor you used! It’s so easy to get sucked into life has to be terrible to be meaningful! It doesn’t have to be and I’m definitely taken up my new role :)! Thanks for sharing Michael.

  4. Author

    Thank you, Viv. Not that any of these ideas come my own personal experience or anything. LOL. But from where I started in life, I ma 1,000 points higher on the positive scale now.

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