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Giving positive blogging feedback to someone who has poured their heart and soul into a piece they have written can be a challenge sometimes.

We live in a world where snarkiness is revered and many people who have nothing to say or think are quite willing to muck about on your blog post and tell you why your writing is not up to snuff.

But here’s the thing, the internet has made anonymity a safe haven from which to lob hater grenades onto anyone who happens to be passing by. Just this morning, while I was reading in a forum, I saw a post where the poster was asking for help in getting a negative yelp review removed for his friend.

The poster was working hard to help his buddy who had run afoul of one of the many mealy-mouthed and crude writers who spend their days and nights picking on others in print.

It was bad enough once upon a time to read some of the op-ed pieces that print newspapers used to print. I can’t say that I liked those, but there was some honor in many of them. No stooping low to deliver a crushing coup de ’tat below the belt.

<sigh, insert sad face here>

But in the internet age, anyone with a keyboard can become a writing force to be reckoned with. Or not.

The truth is, when you are blogging, you are sharing your thoughts. YOUR thoughts. Not those of someone else.

In fact there is no reason at all to take much heed of anything anyone says about your writing. Now, there is a difference between negative, snarking feedback and positive feedback.

Negative feedback is primarily written so the writer can support their opinion of themselves and positive feedback is primarily written to provide support for the blogger.

So I decided I was going to ask for feedback about a particular post I had written. The one where I told the story of how I came to be called the Internet’s most positive blogger

I wrote the post, added it to Facebook then sent out an email to the subscribers on my email list. I was kind of expecting that I would get some comments on my post, but what I got back were emails.

I was literally blown away by what some people wrote. Things like:

You are really awesome!


Absolutely true, you are the most positive person who I have ever met (through writing) 


You are the sunshine in my day everyday and now that I understand the reason you are such a positive writer, I can really appreciate your emails!


Those made me feel really good.

I know – I have read all the 4 and 5 Agreements books saying my opinion is the only one that even sort of counts, but I gotta say, getting emails like that is a really good feeling.

Authentic writers bare their hearts and souls for all to see online. It is good to offer positive blogging feedback to those people; it really takes some personal confidence to allow anyone to read your writing. And everyone deserves to be treated well.

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