Positive Thinking Mindset

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positive thinking mindset

Nothing succeeds like success

This is a popular idea, especially in positive thinking circles. That phrase is a shorthand version of the idea that like attracts like, that the more success you experience, the more success will be attracted to you. One thing that people don’t emphasize so much though, when talking about a positive thinking mindset, is the idea that it’s nice to have plenty of room in your life for positivity, if you let go of negative thinking.

It’s not magic, even though it might feel like it when we let something ugly go. And the truth is, we can only hold onto so many thoughts and emotions at any one time. When we keep hanging onto negative thoughts and emotions, we have that much less room for positive ones.

Hold Onto Positive Thinking Ideas

Conversely, when we keep hanging onto positive ideas, it’s like our emotion closet becomes infinitely expandable. We can hold onto more and more positive ideas. Pretty soon the negative ones get squeezed out and the days become packed full of positivity.

This sounds pretty esoteric, but in fact the idea of letting things go that we don’t need any more is one of the hallmarks of success in our world. For instance, if a company is experiencing great difficulties in making a profit, a time honored technique to revive its flagging fortunes is to hire a turnaround specialist whose first task is often to let go of the management team, and replace them with new people who have new ideas.

It works the same way in schools. If a school in the US keeps floundering with higher and higher percentages of its students failing the required exams, one of the most prevalent immediate solutions is to relieve the principal and put a new person in place.

Letting Negative Ideas Go Works For You Too

Since you are in charge of your life, it is perfectly OK for you to let go of ideas that don’t serve you anymore. Then fill that empty space up with more positive thoughts. Fascinating to find that when we are willing to let go of the things that make us feel the worst, how many wonderful new things show up to take their place.

Almost as if by magic, the creative spirit awakens and we find dozens of opportunities to feel better, when we let go of the compulsive need to keep thinking in the same old ways. Surprisingly, sometimes letting go of ideas we have thought for a long time isn’t always easy, even when we know those ideas are not serving us in the least.

So here’s a poem about the idea of letting go of things we don’t need to keep. Maybe this could help you let of of some negative things.

I Don’t Care

When I don’t care how others look
It’s easier to see
Inside their hearts to find the way
Their souls want them to be

When I don’t care what others say
Its easier to hear
Their truthful pains disguised inside
Their words of doubt and fear

When I don’t care what others think
It’s easier to pay
Attention to the important things
That show up every day

The world turns on, it does not stop
For oiling or repair
And I’ve much to gain, with less stress and strain
In my life
If I just don’t care


It’s so much more enjoyable to live a life filled with positivity and light, than it is to live any other way. The key to filling your life with positive ideas is to let go of the negative ones, so you have room for something new.

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  1. Author

    Thank you, Ruby. I was pretty full of negative things that did not serve me well, and when I realized I did not have to carry all the negatives I had been taught, i had much more room for light and positivity in my life.

  2. Most Excellent! The poem is so truthfully beautiful, I love it. Thank You.

  3. Author

    Thank you for your kind words. It is so much easier when we concentrate our caring energy on things that make a truly positive difference.

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