The Circle Of Protection

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I will show you how to create your own circle of protection. And truthfully, there is no need to wait to do this. You can do this with your kids, your parents, your siblings, your partner, your friends. The situations in which you can use this are honestly infinite in number.

Creating Your Sacred Circle

Here are the things you are going to need. Of course you can change these materials as needed. These are simply the things I have found work the best.

The Materials

1. A sheet of black toothed drawing paper. Toothed paper is rough in texture so that when you run your hand over the surface it is coarse feeling, not smooth. Arts and crafts stores have these.

black toothed paper for a sacred circle

2. A dinner plate or other circular object.

dinner plate for drawing a sacred circle

3. Some colored pencils

colored pencils for drawing a sacred circle

The Process

1. Place the dinner plate on the paper and trace around it with a colored pencil.

black toothed paper for creating a sacred circle

2. Have the person who the circle of protection is for put their hand on the paper and another person trace around it with a colored pencil.

trace around t hefirst person's hand

Now switch, if possible, and have the second person place their hand on the paper overlapping the outline of the first person’s hand and the second person do the tracing. If this is not possible, then just have the next person place their hand over the two tracings already there and have another person do the  tracing.

trace the second person's hand overlapping the first

Repeat this as many times as you want to, with as many different people as want to participate, making sure the hand outlines are overlapping.

If you like, color in the spaces created by the overlapping outlines.

add shapes and colors to the spaces created by the outlines of the hands

When you are finished adding shapes and colors, write your names on the drawing.

You are finished.

Here’s what you can expect from creating your circle of protection

This entire experience is sacred; you are going to cry, and you are going to cry a lot.

Tracing around another person’s hand is an intimate experience. Feeling them trace around your hand is an intimate experience. Not in a sexual way, but honestly once you do this, you will retain the feeling for a very long time.

You are going to get tired of filling in the little spaces with designs, keep going until you can honestly say you are finished.

You are going to cry and want to touch each other and hug when you are finished.

You will want to touch this creation many, many times because the paper has become infused with the personal energies of the people who created it – don’t hold yourself back.

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