This is a video script which was used in a series of videos sent to optins as part of a lead funnel. It's written for the speaker to read aloud while making the video. There are some internal quotation marks which set off the words of a thought. Otherwise, the entire piece should be considered to be in quotes.

It's written in a friendly and authoritative manner and can be used in a headshot video or a powerpoint video.

Hi, I’m (FirstName, LastName) and today we’re going to go through an EFT tapping exercise designed to help you release the fear you have about losing weight. Let’s get started.

Maybe you’ve had thoughts like this before. Life is hard, life is cold, life is scary and the simple fact is, I’m not prepared to handle all the pressures of my world. I think I’ll just wrap myself up in my little cocoon, wall myself off from the world and keep myself safe.

Very safe. All alone, in a place where nobody can see, I can hide inside my tiny version of the Universe where nobody can get me and hurt my heart. Never again, not anymore. Over and out. I will just live like this until I die.

Well, at least I have some snacks to keep me company. Nice snacks, friendly food, Food doesn’t yell at me, food doesn’t make fun of how I look, food does not cast a disparaging eye in my direction when I want to try on some clothes in the store.

Food is always kind to me and helps me stay safe here in my world. I know how to eat; I am actually very good at doing that. I can clean my plate with the best of them. I know how to keep the serving staff smiling at me; I know that the correct reward for finishing my dinner is more food. And I love being right. I love understanding that I am very good at this food business because I am a good eater.

How do these ideas get to the point where they are running our lives instead of us being in charge? There could be many reasons for that, but a big one, the biggest one, is fear.

Wait a minute, you hear your internal voice say, “You’re not afraid of food. As a matter of fact, food is your very best friend in the whole world. How could you ever even think you were afraid of food?”

Well, truth be told, you’re not afraid of food. You’re afraid of other things and you are eating as a way coping with that fear and you are overeating so that you can add a nice friendly layer of protective fat around you; helping you to stay safe from your fear.

But fear does surround the idea of food. It might come in various versions in our individual circumstances, but there are a number of similarities and in this class, we are going to work with one of the biggest.

Most of us have had this fear intertwined in our lives all the way back from our childhood. So we have a great deal of experience in feeling that fear, and in successfully coping with it so it goes away.

This is the fear of being bullied. Nobody likes being bullied, nobody wants to live their lives in the idea that if they don’t act in a particular way, something bad is going to happen to them. But when it comes to eating, and by extension overeating, the fear of being bullied, of being ashamed and of being humiliated is huge.

This fear springs to life almost fully formed, the very first time that you get yelled at for not eating when its time to eat. If you’ve ever heard the following words, or a variation of them, and taken them to heart, there is a really big chance that you are eating to create that layer of self protection around your body, so you can keep the fear of being bullied away from your heart.

“I can’t believe you’re not eating the food I fixed for you. I spent hours preparing this food for you and the least I would expect from you is for you to eat. You should be enjoying the food that is put on the table for you. I can’t believe you’re so ungrateful that I have to spend my time yelling at you to get you to eat when I worked so hard to make this meal for you.”

“Food costs money. Money we could have spent on something else. So you just sit yourself right down there and keep eating until everything bit of it is gone from your plate. I don’t care if it takes all night; you’re going to clean your plate.”

And right then and there your logical brain decides the way out of feeling bad in this situation is to eat. Stress and bullying wind up being associated with eating in your mind. Viewed in the larger overall sense, the connection between all kinds of stress and feeling better by eating is not logical. But in the right up close and personal viewpoint, that connection is perfectly logical.

You get bullied, you eat. Simple as that. The part of your mind that cemented those two things together is the really young part and when those connections are made at such a young age, it takes some doing to get them apart.

Creating new connections is one thing that EFT tapping is really good for.

Those are the harshest things all stuck together in one big blob there. It really only takes one time of being bullied like this to make fear rise up when a similar situation arises in your current life.

Bullying is rampant in our world, and when you have learned from an early age that eating is the way to deal with bullies, that becomes your go-to strategy for managing stressful situations.

For instance, your boss yells at you at work. You suddenly get hungry. Part of this is the fight or flight response, but you don’t need an entire carton of ice cream to rebuild your blood sugar levels, you don’t need a family size bag of potato chips, you don’t need 20 pieces of chocolate. You are in a reaction mode, and you relieve that fear and that stress by eating. And it works.

While eating certainly works to make the fear go away, it does not work to keep you at a healthy body weight.

These are big issues in our lives. These are root chakra issues concerned with survival at a most basic level. If we don’t eat, we die. But the idea that we are afraid of not eating because of what bullies will do to us, leads us to behaviors that are not healthy for us.

If we eat to make the fear go away, instead of eating because we’re hungry, or because we out having fun with our friends, we’re eating in a way that is virtually guaranteed to make us gain weight.  When we eat often to build and maintain our layer of self protection, we come to believe that this is the only way our life can be.

We learn that eating is our way of managing stress and that becomes our normal way of life. We all have so much stress in our lives that we are going to eat way too much and way too often.

Now let’s move on to the actual tapping . . .